Wesco Fabrics

# **Terms & Conditions**
## **Aftermarket Finishes** Merchandise cannot be returned once it has undergone a process such as flame-proofing, water repelling, stain resistance, piece-dying, washing or dry cleaning. ## **Back Orders** If you approve your order as a back order and are given an expected shipment or arrival date to Wesco, please note that back orders may arrive earlier or later than anticipated. Cancellation may be granted (as described below) only prior to the vendor processing the order for Wesco. ## **Cancellations** You must obtain a cancellation number for order cancellations. Orders may not be canceled after work is in progress or special orders with vendors have been placed. ## **Collections** If your account is given to a collection agency you will be responsible for all collection & attorney fees. ## **Colors** Colors are not guaranteed. Due to color variability in computer and screen monitors, we have no liability if colors of the products do not match their display on the website. ## **Corrections** Wesco Fabrics, Inc. reserves the right to make corrections when and if an error is made on its part. ## **Customer's Own Material (C.O.M)** Wesco Fabrics, Inc. is not responsible for imperfections in customer's own material. Inspect your goods before shipping. All orders must be sent with a swatch of fabric attached for identifying purposes. Specify top side of fabric and pattern direction. If the "Up, Down, Front and Back" of the fabric patterns are not specified, it will be up to the workroom's discretion. Also, specify the name, color, pattern repeat, width and source of the fabric on your order. Your order will not be processed until all information is received. ## **Damaged Goods** If merchandise is lost or damaged in transit, please follow these four steps. 1. Have the delivery person note and sign for any shortages or damage to the outer container or merchandise on both carrier's and your copy of the delivery receipt or freight bill. **Do not refuse the merchandise** unless you can see that the merchandise is clearly damaged and will not be usable. 2. **Open all containers immediately and inspect the merchandise's condition, even if your installation is not until a later date**. Damage or shortage MUST be reported to Wesco Fabrics Customer Service immediately as follows: Custom Workroom and fabric within 10 working days of delivery; Finial Company within 15 working days of delivery; Paris Texas hardware within 15 working days of delivery; Simply Hardware within 15 days of delivery; Urban Decors within 7 working days of delivery. 3. Contact Wesco Fabrics immediately for UPS damage. Contact the freight carrier for inspection of truck shipments. Keep the merchandise in the original shipping container and packaging. 4. After contacting the delivery carrier, call Wesco's Customer Service Department to request a replacement order. ## **Deposits** Orders exceeding credit limit require a deposit. C.O.D and prepay orders for custom, special order products, and samples must be prepaid including freight. ## **Guarantees** Wesco guarantees all fabric and custom window treatments against defects in workmanship or material for a period of three months after date of shipment. Alternative products may have separate guarantees. Please refer to the individual vendor catalogs for more information concerning alternative product guarantees. Except as stated above, Wesco Fabrics, Inc. makes no guarantee or warranty, express or implied, concerning the merchantability of its products or their fitness for any purpose. Buyer assumes all risks and liability resulting from the use of Wesco Fabrics, Inc.'s products, whether used singly or in combination with other goods. Wesco neither assumes nor authorizes any person or entity to assume, for Wesco, any other liability in connection with the sale or use of its products. Any remedies available against Wesco by a buyer for any claim resulting from the sale of its products shall be exclusively and solely limited to return of the non-conforming goods intact for replacement or credit. Labor will be refunded only if done in Wesco's shop. We will not reimburse for labor not performed by our company. Under no circumstances shall Wesco's liability extend to interest, shipping, insurance, re-installation, trip charges or to any consequential damages of any nature. For purposes of Wesco's guarantees, the following conditions **will not** be considered defective: 1. Flaws visible only when fabric is held against light. 2. Fading due to atmospheric conditions or undue exposure to sun. 3. Orders filled with more than one piece, unless special instructions have been received in writing at the time of order placement. 4. Variation in dyelot, unless a cutting was requested and approved by the buyer prior to placement of the order. 5. Patterns or repeats that do not match. 6. Natural characteristics as described in [Fabric Characteristics & Care](https://wescofabrics.com/fabric "Fabric Care & Characteristic Care"). 7. Wear. 8. Handwoven/Silk fabrics. ## **Handwoven and/or Silk Fabrics** Many silk fabrics are created by home hand weavers which creates unique qualities. Dyelot variations, inconsistent weaving, heavy threads, wrinkling, flaws, colored yarns, holes, pattern repeats that vary within the same yardage, loose threads, missing yarns and threads, missing beads, pearls, incomplete appliques, puckering around embroidered silks, and inconsistent embroidery are natural characteristics. Protect all silks from direct and indirect sun as fading is common. These characteristics are not considered a defect and therefore are not reasons for returning fabric. Backing is recommended for upholstery use. ## **Holds** Fabrics that are reserved on request will automatically be released after seven working days. ## **Length Of Cuts** Please provide the length of your cuts. Your order may be greater than the average size of pieces being received from the mills, or there may be flaws to work around. ## **Minimum Charge** The minimum charge per order is $20.00 Dealer Cost. ## **Pattern Matching** Check pattern alignment before cutting for matching. ## **Prices** **Full bolts** (no cuts) of fabric (bolt sizes range from 50-100 yards) qualify for a 10% discount. Purchases of three full bolts (no cuts) qualify for a 15% deduction. The extra discount will not be issued for goods cut to size or inspected. Material used in our Custom Workroom is cut yardage and these discounts do not apply to fabric that must be cut. Full bolt purchases receiving special discounts will be shipped uninspected. Shipping, handling, insurance charges and sales tax, if applicable, are additional and will be added to the final invoice. All amounts herein are subject to correction due to errors or omissions. On-line price lists replace all prior price lists and are subject to change without notice. ## **Repeats** Repeats may vary. ## **Returns** All sales of alternatives, custom workroom, The Finial Co, Paris-Texas, custom furniture, velvet, chenille, silk or handwoven fabrics are final. Fabric cannot be returned that has been processed or cut by the purchaser in any way. Return authorization (RA) of fabrics in original condition may be granted with a restock fee within thirty (30) days of shipment by contacting Wesco Customer Service and obtaining an RA number and providing reason for return for products listed below: - *Up to 5 yards* *No Return* - *6 to 10 yards* *50%* - *11 to 25 yards* *30%* - *26 to 60 yards* *20%* - *Full bolts (no cuts)* *10%* - *Labor* *None* - *Sample Books (Less than 6 mos. old)* *15%* - ***WF Collection Furniture & Accessories*** - *(No special orders)* *25%* ## **Shipping** Unless shipping preference is designated, we ship the least expensive way. Applicable freight charges are added to all orders shipping outside the continental United States. Shipping to a residential address incurs an additional UPS fee. UPS will not ship anything over 108" in length or 130" in length and girth. Girth is the measurement around the box. If either dimension is exceeded, the order must go truck. Oversize charges begin at 84" in length and girth or over 60" wide. Please check the [UPS website](http://wwwappps.ups.com/calTimeCost "UPS") for exact pricing information. ## **Terms** Invoices on Net 30 accounts are due thirty (30) days from invoice date. Other terms are C.O.D., prepay, and proforma. A late charge of 2% per month (annual rate of 24%) will be charged on all past due accounts. ## **Wesco Account Number** Please write your Wesco Account Number on the front of your catalog and list on all orders or payments.